Join us! Spring 2019

Walking the Way of Love - Spring 2019 - Study Series

The Way of Love is one type of spiritual rule of life.

A spiritual rule of life is a purposeful tool to help us grow into a more meaningful life with God. As such, following the practices of the Way of Love can change one’s relationship with God, ourselves and others with whom we share the earth.

The way of Love invites us to a rule of life that leads to incarnating Divine Love in world.

This semester, students will gather as a community, meet up for one-on-one chats, have online meetups and engage the way of love through personal reflection, prayer and action. We will set goals for a Rule of Life for this season together and check in with one another about how it is going.

Every two weeks a new principle/practice/step in the way of love will be introduced. Follow the progress here, and on our social media.

Themes for each week of Spring 2019

February 3 - Rule of Life

“Living the Way of Love is less about adding a bunch of spiritual practices to your already busy life and more about intentionally using your time in a way that is fruitful and encourages spiritual, emotional, and mental growth."

The Way of Love is a rule of life. With whom could you travel the Way of Love, helping to keep each other accountable?

February 10 & 17 - Turn

Turn: Like the disciples, we are called by Jesus to follow the Way of Love. With God’s help, we can turn from the powers of sin, hatred, fear, injustice, and oppression toward the way of truth, love, hope, justice, and freedom. In turning, we reorient our lives to Jesus Christ, falling in love with Jesus again, again, and again.

Read: Matthew 4:12-25

  • What word or phrase stands out or speaks to you in this passage?

  • When have you turned your life towards something new?

  • When the disciples chose to follow Jesus, they made a substantial change to their way of life. What do you think this was like for them?

  • What do you think the disciples gained in turning their lives toward Jesus?

  • What do you think the disciples sacrificed in turning their lives toward Jesus?

  • What caused the disciples to turn? Are you called to turn by similar causes?

  • What does it mean to turn toward Jesus? In our story the disciples literally and physically get up and follow Jesus. Since we do not live in Jesus day this will look different in our lives.

  • Perhaps Jesus’ disciples turned towards him because of the Good News he shared. What do you think that good news was in that day? What do you think is good news today?

February 24 & March 3 - Learn

March 10 & 17 - Pray

March 24 & 31 - Worship

April 7 & 14 - Bless

April 21 & 28 - Go

May 5 & 12 - Rest