Spiritual Direction

This past week, we had a guest Rev. Canon Jeanne Pearson talk to us about spiritual direction—what it is, what it could look like, and why someone might decide to seek out a spiritual director. One of the core beliefs of spiritual direction is that God is personal. Believing that God is personal is to believe that God truly knows you and has a plan for you.

For me, this belief incorporates spending more time “Turning” which is one of the 7 Pillars of the Way of Love. This pillar is described by “Pause, listen, and choose to follow Jesus”. During the Young Adult Reflection Day, for the pillar of Turn, we reflected on the following questions:

  • What practices help you turn again and again to Jesus Christ and the Way of Love?

  • How will (or do) you incorporate these practices into your rhythm of life?

  • Who will be your companion as you turn towards Jesus Christ?

While I do have some practices that grow my belief that God is personal and turn towards Jesus, like writing down what I’m thankful for each night, I’m still trying to figure out ways to better incorporate these practices into my rhythm of life! But even something as simple as writing these things down helps me see the ways that God is working for me and through me!

-Maria NYU'20