Earth Day

Happy Easter and Happy (Belated) Earth Day! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel home to celebrate with my family and while I was home I tried to spend as much time as possible outside. New York City is great, but nothing can beat the smell of flowers or of grass outside after it’s just rained—so how fitting that yesterday was Earth Day! With all that’s in the news about climate change and the need to act fast, it can be overwhelming to think about just how much work needs to be done to make serious change. However, there are things that we can do as students to help play a part in this global cleanup! Living in a dorm, we pay the same rates regardless of how much energy we use—but that doesn’t mean we should leave the lights on all the time! On easy thing to do is to turn your lights off when you’re not using them and unplug electronics or power strips when they’re not in use! When doing laundry, you can wait until you have a full load to wash your clothes, or even combining loads with a roommate! You can also volunteer for the non-profit organization, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine! Volunteers sign up for 1 hour shifts whenever they are available to help deliver leftover food from local businesses to homeless shelters, food banks, and faith organizations! Most importantly, as young people we can speak out against the corporations who are polluting daily on a large scale, both by pledging to not purchase from those companies or by writing to our local representatives to advocate for passing environmental bills. As Episcopalians, we can pledge to Care for Creation—what better way to celebrate Easter than by truly loving the planet we live on!