15 Years of Canterbury Downtown!

This past Sunday, we celebrated our 15th anniversary of Canterbury Downtown!! This has been my third year with Canterbury Downtown—I first began attending services when I was a freshman. Through some stroke of good luck, my pastor at my church in Maryland is good friends with Chaplain Mary Cat, so she helped me get in contact with her about Canterbury. To say Canterbury Downtown has been a blessing would be a large understatement—attending school in New York City and making the transition from a small town was both exciting and overwhelming. Being a member of Canterbury has helped me create a loving home and community within a city full of millions of people. I look forward to every Sunday because it’s another week that I can share a meal and conversation with friends from different majors, different schools, and different years. Through Canterbury, I’ve had so many opportunities that I would not have participated in otherwise like getting to go to church at the Columbia chapel with Canterbury Uptown, attending the Diocesan Convention in November, joining the Young Adult Network, and my favorite, learning how to knit! With Canterbury, I’ve met some of my closest friends and have been able to introduce friends from outside of church to our community. I’m so thankful that although I only have one year left, that the connections and friendships I’ve made through Canterbury will last a lifetime!

Maria Pellicier, NYU ‘20