Walking the Labyrinth

This Sunday, we transitioned from focusing on “Turn” to “Learn” in our semester long journey with The Way of Love. We also participated in an interactive prayer labyrinth, where as we traveled through the labyrinth, we stopped at each station coming in and coming out. The stations had directions like, “Someone once said: Bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. Think of some hurt, anger, or fear you need to let go. Drop an Alka Seltzer into the water. As it dissolves, let that thing go too.” This was the most powerful station for me because having a physical representation of what I was supposed to be letting go made it much more tangible. For me personally, this goes to show that there is still quite a few ways for me to learn and grow in my faith. I think it’s often easy to get wrapped up in the mindset of “I have to keep doing it this way, because this is the way that I know”. However, in trying out this practice, I now have something new to add to my prayer life!

Maria NYU ‘20