Recipe Box of Healing Power

In addition to giving up social media, one of my Lenten disciplines has been to read devotionals from the app—Our Bible, each day. Our Bible has progressive and LGBTQ+ affirming devotionals that last anywhere from 4-11 days and are often themed. One of the devotionals I finished reading over spring break was titled, “Come Have Breakfast: Healing from Burnout and Loving Yourself”, by Micky ScottBey Jones. This 11 day devotional centered on John 21:1-25 and included both prayers and calls to action for ways that we can heal from stress and burnout. One of the calls to action that I found the most intriguing was an invitation to create a Recipe Box of Healing Power, as written about by Bell Hooks. Some of the examples for different recipes included: A Recipe to Deal with Loneliness, Confusion, Affirmations, and many others. Ideas for ingredients included: Meditation, Put on a Song and Dance, Go to Bed Early, Look at Pictures of Loved Ones, and others. As students, we all deal with frustration, weariness, confusion and loneliness, so what would it look like if we came prepared for when these feelings come around again? I’ve been working on coming up with my own recipe book for which ways I can work through stress, loneliness and confusion! What I loved most about this activity is that it is so customizable, each person can decide what issues they feel are most prevalent to them and what “ingredients” are the most useful or the most needed. I would invite everyone both to read this devotional (Our Bible App is free!!) and to come up with their own recipe book, or even just one recipe that you feel you could really use during your days.