This Sunday, we started the next spiritual discipline of Pray. For many years, I thought of prayer as something you do in very specific times- at meals, at night, and at church. Now, I’ve come to learn that clearly, that is not the case. Both through experiences at Canterbury Downtown and with other groups, I’ve learned the kinds of prayer that work best for me! As a Lenten practice, I’ve been using the app “Our Bible” and following a few different devotionals—”As Yourself” and “Come Have Breakfast: Healing from Burnout & Loving Yourself”. I’ve really enjoyed following these devotionals as they’re more contemporary in their approaches to prayer and reading scripture. There are also LGBTQ+IA affirming devotionals and various podcasts. While I was a camp counselor this summer, we practiced praying while coloring. Each color you use represents a different prayer that you want to send out, or it can represent a concern that you have. This prayer exercise was meaningful to me because coloring is also a mental health practice for stress and anxiety that I find useful. Another tactile prayer practice that we just learned about this Sunday was the use of Anglican rosaries—we had guests from Every Blessed Bead visit and we had the opportunity to make our own! Having something to hold in my hands and help center my prayer practices has added a new depth to my mornings and evenings. I pray that in the upcoming two weeks and for the rest of the semester, that I am able to continue introducing new prayer practices into my prayer life!

Maria, NYU’20