This past Sunday, we took a trip to visit Canterbury Uptown at Columbia/Barnard to worship with them and then share dinner out! While it was a wonderful experience filled with faith, food, and friends, it was also a great reminder of what all the city has to offer us! As students, it can be so easy to get comfortable with our weekly routines (I know I'm guilty of it!!) Whether it's NYU or another college, it's easy to stay in our little 10-15 block radius of classes, clubs and housing.

Although we're at the week for "Go" yet in the "Way of Love", that's exactly what we did this past Sunday. In practicing Go, we are called to cross boundaries, listen deeply, and live like Jesus. At the time, I hadn't considered traveling to Columbia a method of practicing Go, we did both in a literal sense (the 1 train was quite the adventure y'all) and in a spiritual sense because we were participating in new worship practices like communion in the round!

While traveling isn't always possible every week, it's definitely something I will be meditating on as the season of Lent starts- the ways in which I can better cross boundaries and live like Jesus!

Maria, NYU’20