Episcopal New Yorker Article

Below is a reflection that Nick and I wrote as a submission for an Episcopal New Yorker issue on Ministry. We wrote about both of our experiences going to a Chaplain's Brew Pop=Up with Chaplain Mary Cat!

As part of our Episcopal campus ministry community, Canterbury Downtown, Chaplain Mary Cat created an outreach ministry called Chaplains Brew. At least monthly she sets up a pop-up cold brew coffee giveaway station at different locations on campus. Both of us attended one of these pop-ups with Chaplain Mary Cat where we helped pass out coffee and talk to students about Canterbury Downtown. "As a college student, talking about my faith with my peers isn’t necessarily something that I participate in regularly, but it was important to me to share God’s love through the form of coffee--free coffee actually being the lesser known 6th love language for college students." Maria Pellicier, NYU '20

"As an Episcopalian student in New York City, being public about my faith isn’t always the easiest thing to do. When Mary Cat invited me to do a Chaplain’s Brew Pop Up with her our community was just beginning to read the Acts of the Apostles, and I decided that it would be a good way to practice the evangelism that we talked about in our discussion of the text. Being out in public in the context of evangelism was definitely a little scary, but helped me learn more about what it means to be an agent of God’s love in the world." Nicholas Gordon, NYU ‘22