Election Thoughts

One week from today, Tuesday November 6th, is Election Day. As mentioned in Mary Cat’s note, recently there have been a terrifying increase in the number of hate filled acts of violence. So on Tuesday, #VoteLove. By casting our vote, we are able to let those in power know that we will not stand for these continued acts of violence and hatred. As college students, it is of the utmost importance that we vote, as we are the next generation and we will have the longest to live with repercussions of any of the laws passed, especially related to climate change. Local elections and state elections are as equally as important as nationwide elections as many of the laws passed at the state and local level have an even more direct impact on our lives. Next week, whether you’re mailing in your absentee ballot or voting in the New York election, I encourage you to #VoteLove. Visit vote.org for more information about when the deadlines for absentee ballots in each state are.

Maria, NYU’20