Give thanks, friends!

Last week in the November Events e-newsletter, a link to a November Gratitude Every Day calendar which has on each day a space to write what you’re thankful for like “A memory I am thankful for” or “A color I am thankful for”. Gratitude is a positive emotion and we can all benefit from some positive emotions in our lives especially as second midterms and finals are approaching. In Science of Happiness (seriously you guys, this class is so good), we learned that happiness actually leads to success. In schools, kids primed with positive emotions had higher GPAs, improved memories, and were more likely to talk issues out. Gratitude is also something you can practice and learn! The more frequently we practice gratitude, the easier it becomes to identify feelings of gratefulness! I know that for me personally, the gratitude calendar has helped me re-evaluate what is good and wonderful in my own life. Give thanks friends!

Maria, NYU’20