Super Speed

Now is the time in the semester where everything starts moving at somewhat of a super speed, like some sort of high speed car chase. Assignments start piling up, paper deadlines are coming up, and then soon enough, you have your first exam. It is really easy to let all the due dates stress you out--I know I’ve been there. While being overwhelmed and locking yourself in the library to get it finished is one way of dealing with your assignments, you could also find productive ways to get rid of some of that stress. Whether that’s going to the gym, taking a second to go on a walk or go on a bike ride, or doing your laundry (that’s my favorite way to veg out and de-stress for a while), taking a breather from doing work can help you clear your head and come back to your work with a more present and focused mind. Even if you do decide locking yourself in the library is the only solution, try inviting a friend to make it more of an outing than a chore! Your brain will thank you later.

Maria, NYU’20