Proud to be a Christian

On Sunday, the group of students who were at dinner had a conversation about what it’s like being a Christian and how we go about telling or talking about it with people. While I typically don’t make a point to talk about it with friends, I’ve never been shy to let them know that they can come to church and dinner with me if they are interested in good company and a hot meal! However, that conversation during dinner started me thinking about if my confidence in regards to my faith would change at all if I was more open about it with people I wasn’t close to. In one of my social work classes, we actually had the opportunity to talk about what beliefs influenced our worldview and jumping a little outside of my comfort zone, I decided to raise my hand and talk about how my belief in God had impacted why I wanted to study social work. Although it felt a little uncomfortable at first, I was surprised at how receptive and responsive people were and we had a conversation about what their spirituality looks like and how it influenced or did not influence their career choice. Even though taking the leap of faith and choosing to talk about God was a bit daunting because I wasn’t surrounded by friends, I walked away from the experience feeling more confident about sharing my beliefs in a classroom setting. I was proud to be in a profession where talking about faith and spirituality is an open conversation, and more than anything else, I was proud to be a Christian.

Maria, NYU ‘20