Midterm Season

Y’all, midterms are upon us. If your professors are anything like mine, that means they’ve managed to spread them out over an entire month (love you guys anyways!), which just means there’s always something I could be working on or studying for. Which is a little stressful to say the least! Rather than trying to convince myself that I should always be studying, I’ve been taking the time I need to practice self care, i.e. watching an episode of Bones or going to the gym. Even though exercising can seem counterproductive during exam season since it’s time that you could spend studying, exercise (AND SLEEP) actually both support existing neurons (long term-potentiation), encourage growth of existing neurons (neurogenesis) as well as increase your long term memory (thank you Science of Happiness aka one of the most useful classes at NYU!!). So, whether it’s running for 20 minutes, going for a bike ride, or attending a yoga class (Yoga to the People offers donation based classes), sweating it out (AND SLEEPING) can actually help you ACE that midterm! Catch me at 404 looking like Mike Wazowski on the treadmill for the rest of the semester!  

Maria, NYU’20