Meet and Greet

Hi all, my name is Maria Pellicier and I’ll be the new Communications Assistant for Canterbury Downtown! I am currently a junior at NYU studying social work and Spanish. I also work at the NYU bookstore so make sure to say hi if you drop by! In my free time I like to run or go to the gym, watch the X-Files, and cook with friends!

The start of the semester usually marks the opportunity for new beginnings, which fit perfectly into the sermon that Chaplain Mary Cat gave this past Sunday. The sermon was based on Mark 7:24-37 which, in the scripture, Jesus heals a deaf man with a speech impediment by putting his fingers in his ears, spitting and touching his tongue, and then saying “Ephphatha” or “Be opened”. The sermon Chaplain Mary Cat gave was about opening our hearts and our lives to both God and Jesus. I think that sentiment can also be applied perfectly to the start of the school year; that each fall we have the opportunity to join new clubs, make new friends in the residence halls or in classes, try new restaurants, or even try attending a church service you haven’t tried before (like Canterbury Downtown!)! However, in order to have these awesome new experiences, we have to actually be open--which sometimes just means saying yes! So say yes (as much as your schedule allows) to that new gym class you’ve been thinking about trying or asking a friend to try that new smoothie place you’ve had your eye on. Then come join us at Canterbury Downtown for a meal after the service and tell us all about it! Canterbury Downtown will also have some great opportunities coming up (like a book club!) that will be featured in the e-newsletter and our website so make sure to keep an eye on them!

Maria NYU ‘20