Fostering Community

The last couple of weeks, in the Chaplain’s note, Mary Cat has written “I hope you are finding a place to relax, be yourself, learn a little, laugh a little, love and be loved” in reference to Canterbury Downtown and our dinners after the service. I started attending services at Grace two years ago by recommendation from my pastor at my church back home. Freshman and sophomore year, I attended services and dinner, but never officially made time in my schedule to attend the service and dinner on Sunday night. This year, instead of having the mindset of “well I’ll go to church and dinner if I have time”, I’ve gone into the semester planning my Sundays to include church. In doing this, I’ve found a community within Canterbury Downtown and had opportunities like attending an ordination of priests at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, learned about work opportunities for after college graduation, and will be learning how to knit! I’m excited for all that is being planned for the second half of the semester and the ways in which I will grow both in my spirituality and in the friendships I’ve made thus far. Hope to see you all there!

Maria, NYU’20