Breath of Fresh Air

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go back home and visit family. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get out of the city and breath in some (actually!) fresh air. At this point in the semester, with midterms coming up, the flu season starting, and everyone wrapped up in their own bubbles, the city can be too much. If you don’t have the opportunity to travel outside of the city, there are some places that are just a couple of subway stops away that can be great for “getting away”. In Manhattan, I love to go to Hudson River Park where there’s lots of grass and great views of the water especially at sunset. Outside of Manhattan, there’s Prospect Park in Brooklyn or World’s Fair Park in Queens. While Central Park is beautiful, if you’re looking for a huge new park to explore, these could definitely help meet your needs! All in all, reconnecting with ourselves in nature can be a great study break and refresher!

Maria, NYU’20