(Beginning) Canterbury Episcopal Campus Ministry at Fordham


Campus ministry is the home and heart of the Episcopal Church.

We are excited to gather a new community at Fordham University. Supported by the Diocese of New York and the existing campus ministries at Columbia in Uptown and NYU in Downtown (you can learn about those communities elsewhere in this same website), we want to gather and grow the strength of the Episcopal Church at Fordham University and the Bronx.

We welcome YOU to join. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member, we would love to get to know you.

Here’s a contact form for joining our mailing list to learn about what’s happening (we won’t spam you—it’s easy to get on and off the list), and below, you’ll find a FAQ for learning more about this new community.

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FAQ about Canterbury at Fordham

Q: What will this campus ministry do?

A: Great question! Certainly, it will support the spiritual lives of its community, but how this happens will depend on who joins the community. Elsewhere in New York, our campus ministries have gone on pilgrimage in Spain, volunteered at charitable outreach organizations, worship on a weekly basis, gather for food and fellowship, study the bible, and much more. We have faculty groups that gather for prayer, and we sometimes offer lectures on topics ranging from the book of Job to comic books. Canterbury at Fordham will be responding to its own members, and also benefit from being able to join with the other campus ministry communities around the city.

Q: What is this “Canterbury?”

A: “Canterbury” is an Episcopal code-word for a campus ministry. It’s also charming as a term, invoking the historic connections of the church as well as pilgrimage and intellectual life, so the word has continued to stick around in Episcopal Campus ministry around the US.

Q: What is the Episcopal Church?

A: It’s the part of the Jesus movement that, soon after Jesus’s life, journeyed to the British isles and ultimately spread throughout the world, including to the United States. The Episcopal Church is a diverse part of the Jesus movement—so much so that it’s known for being both very traditional and very progressive. You can learn much more about the Episcopal Church here.

Q: What is the Episcopal Church like in New York?

A: Big, open, and inclusive. Think LBGTQ+ affirming, social justice actions, and bible study, and/but also also contemplative prayer, ancient liturgy with contemporary language and pronouns, and priests with collars, colors, and robes.

Q: Why start a Canterbury at Fordham?

A: In part, because people have asked for it.

More thoroughly, we believe in the value of the spiritual dimension of education; we believe in the vocations intertwined with higher education at the same time we worry (as we all do) about the future of higher ed; and we have the resources to support students, faculty, and staff in growing a university community.

Fordham University recognizes the value of spirituality, and we think an Episcopal voice will add something vital in that context.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Send Ryan an email: He’s happy to hear from you.

Images from Uptown and Downtown Canterbury Communities

Images from Uptown and Downtown Canterbury Communities