The Canterbury Columbia+Barnard Alumni/ae Community

The Episcopal Church has long been blessed by the alumni/ae of the various incarnations of the Canterbury community at Columbia and Barnard Universities.

We are now organizing an alumni/ae community! 

Soon, we hope to send you quarterly newsletters about our current students, connect our current students to you all, and even maybe gather for a celebratory event.

What you can do: we are gathering names!

  1. Please fill out the contact form below so we can begin a list of alumni/ae. We will add you to our alumni/ae mailing list. I anticipate sending out something once a semester to keep you up to date on the great things happening in the community.

  2. Join our Facebook group--click here.

  3. Pass this web address along to other Canterbury alumni/ae you know.

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St Paul's Stained Glass, higher res.jpg

Former Episcopal University Chaplains: The Rt. Rev. James Pike, the Rt. Rev. John Krumm, and The Rev. John Cannon (photos from Columbia Library; CC BY-SA 2.5,; and La Farge, John (artist), “St. Paul Preaching at Athens,” John La Farge Stained Glass, accessed June 7, 2018,