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Reconvening the community after Hurricane Sandy, the election, and everything else!

Only one week has passed since Hurricane Sandy disrupted our life as a community and made us aware not only of the devastation of a storm of this magnitude, but it also revealed the struggle of those who are the most vulnerable amongst us: those who are elderly and shut-in, those who are lonely, those who cannot afford to escape the danger and those who will not be able to quickly or easily rebuild their lives for a long time to come, due to the level of loss.

In this short time we have also made our way through the end of an election season that reveals more clearly than ever the divisiveness that exists in our nation.

A new day has dawned on our nation, and on the world that you are preparing yourselves for – the world that you hope to live and work and have an impact on.  As students here in this time, certainly there is stress and commitment to the work you are here to do.  There is also opportunity to see and understand real need first hand, and to be a part of building a better world – one that you can believe in, hold your head high, in walk together toward.

The image above was painted by a recent seminary graduate of Moses parting the waters of theRed Sea.  He did so with a people behind him who were at times divided over how to proceed and who to follow, as the story goes.  One thing they could agree on was to love God and to take care of one another as they wandered in the wilderness, for years, waiting to find the Promised Land.

As you and your companions walk together, argue, and plan and hope for the future, I urge you to remember that there is value in the walking together, there is truth to be found in the wrestling with one another about who and what to believe, and how to follow, and there is love to be lived, shared, and grown in community.

This week, I invite you to come to the table, to bring a friend with whom you disagree to share a meal and a prayer alongside of one another, and to volunteer to be a part of the response to the needs of those around you. Because that is how the Episcopal Church follows Christ.

Chaplain Mary Cat Young+

This week with Canterbury Downtown

  • SCM Ecumenical Conference on Eco-Justice, Friday, November 9-Saturday, November 10 (Click for info.)
  • Sunday, November 11, at 6 p.m. Holy Eucharist and dinner!
  • Tuesdays – 5 – 9 p.m. Chaplain’s office hours at Center for Spiritual Life


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