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Labyrinth and the E word.

Prayer in motion:  Finding peace in the practice of walking/meditative prayer

 The image above is a reconciliation labyrinth.  It invites companions to walk together on a path toward the center,  moving together toward the heart of God and reconciling companionship on that journey.

 Join Mary Cat Young on Sunday, September 30,  4 p.m. – 5 p.m. for a workshop offering deeper insight into the Labyrinth as a prayer path, and an invitation to walk and pray in our everyday lives.

Enter through the11th Streetentrance to the parish hall: 12W. 11th Street

Holy Eucharist follows at 6 p.m. and a tasty home-cooked meal!

 Special guests from the New York Intern Volunteer Program will join us as well!

 All are welcome.



Evangelism.  It’s not a dirty word.  It’s a word that means spreading good news — doing so with our actions, with our resources, with our vocations, with our lives, and yes, with our mouths.  But effective evangelism isn’t just about telling our story.  It’s about listening to the stories of others, hearing where they are, where they struggle, where God is at work in their lives, or where they need a little more assurance, reminding, and hope, that God is there, even in the places where they struggle to see God.

The Episcopal Church has been a church that many have found when they come looking — looking for a place that is in between the Catholic and Protestant theological perspectives, a place that is accepting of the whole person as they are, not the person they are told they are supposed to be in the world, a place where reason is valued alongside of ancient scripture and historic traditions.  And thank goodness we are here when people come looking for us!

But thanks to the challenge of the Episcopal Evangelism Network, a group of seminarians seeking to be the Church in the world in a new way, I am challenged to join them in shifting our way of being the Church from waiting for others to come find us, to going out and seeking the stories, the needs, the desires, the hopes, the questions and the answers that people are looking for. From being an Attractional Church to a Missional Church.

Will you join me?  Will you be a companion with me in seeking out the stories of students, to see who and how and where Canterbury Downtown needs to be bringing and being the Church in the world?

Chaplain Mary Cat

Believer in the Good News and seeker of companions on the journey!

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