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Keeping Lent Together 2016

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On Ash Wednesday people were seen walking around with smudges on their foreheads of holy palms, blessed and burned.  We did this to mark the beginning of the season of Lent.

We did this to be reminded that we are finite, imperfect, incomplete.  We do this each year to remember that God’s grace invites, allows, calls us to repent and return again and again.

Lent is a season of attentiveness to what we have done and what we have left undone.

It is a season that challenges us to not be held back by our mistakes of the past,

but to reconcile ourselves to God and one another through intentional prayers and practices.

I invite you to enter and keep a Holy Lent, today and each day between now and Easter,

by choosing one spiritual discipline, or by taking some of the invitations that will be offered daily on

our Lenten blog.

Pick up a Lenten reflection booklet from Mary Cat, at Church or at the Global Spiritual Life office at NYU.

Print or pick up a copy of this Holy Coloring page and fill in one block each day as we journey toward Easter together.

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