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Congrats Class of 2015!



Once again we have made it to the end of an academic year.  Finals are over, last papers and performances are turned in, and graduates are taking pictures in their caps and gowns.  Tomorrow, thousands of NYU grads and their near and dear supporters will fill Yankee Stadium as the University and honored guests acknowledges these accomplishments.  Congratulations – your hard work has paid off and you are now on your way into the world.  You go, not alone, but with the support of the community and the Communion of Saints, equipped to be a thoughtful contributor, an agent of change, a sign of hope in the world.  Do not forget all that you have been empowered to do to make this world better than the one you received.  Do not forget that the light of Christ goes before you, the Holy Spirit is behind you, and God the Creator is with you always.  Traveling mercies – this summer and beyond!

Canterbury Downtown will go on hiatus for the summer, but Chaplain Mary Cat and Grace Church are still here for you.  Save for June 12 – July 13, make appointments with Mary Cat for a cup of iced coffee or tea (or ice cream!) in the village.  Come to Grace Church on Sundays at 6 pm.  Stay in touch via Facebook and email!  Canterbury Downtown will reconvene in late August.  Until then, blessings on your summer wherever you are!

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