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This past Sunday marked the official start of Advent, a month-long season of the liturgical year (fun fact: it also marks the beginning of the liturgical calendar, despite being celebrated at the end of the year). Advent is the time in which we prepare for the nativity of Jesus, which we celebrate with great fervor and joy every Christmas. But unlike the loud and exciting ardor of Christmastime, Advent is a bit more subdued. In fact, some of you may never have celebrated Advent before, which was the case for me when I first started out as a Canterbury Downtown student.

In spite of the fact that I’m a cradle Episcopalian, my parents never made much of a fuss out of celebrating Advent. In our house, it was all about Christmas, with decorations going up right after Thanksgiving dinner. What’s the big deal about Advent? I wondered the first time I attended Lessons and Carols as a Canterbury student. It can’t possibly be as important as Christmas!

In reality, Advent is a very important time in the liturgical year. As I have come to learn over the past couple of years, Advent is a lot like the season of Lent, in that it’s a time of reflection over what it truly means to be a Christian. Instead of launching full-force into Christmas festivities, we take an entire month to patiently await the day on which Christ was born, which gives us much more time to truly appreciate the sacrifice that He made by becoming God incarnate. If you’ve never celebrated Advent before, I invite you to try it out this year. This past Sunday at Canterbury, we sang carols, read scripture, and even made Advent wreaths. It was a truly memorable experience! If you weren’t able to attend last weekend, we’ll be engaging in other Advent festivities throughout the remaining weeks of the fall semester. Join us the next Sunday, and every Sunday throughout the academic year, for food, friends, and warm, welcoming fellowship!




Want to continue the Advent festivities at home?

Join Canterbury Downtown for the 2017 #AdventWord journey, where you’re invited to reflect and pray over a different word for each day of the Advent season. Follow along on our Facebook page, or visit!

Click here to read Chaplain Mary Cat’s Advent 2 sermon, preached December 10, 2017 at Grace Church, Manhattan.

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