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Students gathered for a service of Advent Lessons and Carols on Sunday, December 2, to start off the new liturgical calendar year.  Following is the reflection offered by Chaplain Young.  For daily reflections and meditations throughout the season of Advent visit the Episcopal Commons a resource for Young Adult and Campus Ministry in the Episcopal Church.

As students, you should have a pretty good understanding of what Advent is all about.  After all – you are constantly in a state of preparation.  Researching for a paper that will have to be written and turned in at some point.  Preparing for a jury or performance, studying for a test that is on the calendar, anticipating the coming of a fall break, or the end of the semester, when all the work taking place will culminate in some finality – and yet again, a new semester will be on the horizon, or with the coming of graduation – waiting to see what the world has in store for you.  What will your first job be? What will you do over the summer before the next program year starts?  Where will you end up, who will you live with, what will you wear to face this new day…  A constant season of preparation – but to what end?

But the kind of preparation we, as people of faith are drawn into, in this time, is one that is about starting something new – a new church year begins today, on the first Sunday of Advent.  It is an opportunity to hit the refresh button.  To listen to the happenings around you with new ears, to see the world with new eyes, new hope, new possibility.

God entered into the world, into the life of a young girl, into the lives of fishermen, and blind and leprous men and women, and hit the refresh button.  Mary, Elizabeth, John, Joseph, the shepherds, the wise ones, Peter, the many saints, our grandparents, parents, ourselves, those of us who have heard the story and believe ourselves to be a part of it – the refresh button is set for us, the opportunity for us to look with hope into our own lives, and in the lives and relationships around us – it is renewed.

Don’t let the anxiousness of the end point keep you from taking a breath and living today.  Don’t miss out in the opportunity to be changed, moved through the journey of getting there.  I cannot tell you when the end will be here – neither can the Mayans – nor can the weathermen and women.  How you prepare for the end, that is the task of the Christian, and that is the task of Advent.  Prepare with prayer.  Prepare by hitting the refresh button. Open your eyes to new things.  Open your hearts to new possibilities.  Live today in love, and if you do that you will know that love will greet you in the end.


Chaplain Mary Cat Young

Canterbury Downtown

Advent 1, 2012

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