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The world is moving quickly around us and at times it is difficult to find peace.  But there are communities gathering to be present and peaceful in many ways and place.

  • Today, Church of the Ascension is offering a prayerful meditation and tasty soup lunch at Noon. Chaplain Mary Cat will be officiating.
  • At 5 pm members of the NYU community will gather with students from the Islamic Center to mourn the loss of three students killed in a shooting in Fort Wayne Indiana – presumably, in relation to the religion they practiced.
  • At  7 pm, Young Adults will gather for challenging conversations about race, racism and mass incarceration in America.

If you are able, please join one of these gatherings, if not in person, then in prayer at the gathering time. Our awareness and our presence to the needs of our neighbors are what distinguishes our relationship with God and Christ’s call in our lives.

-Chaplain Mary Cat

Click here for the latest enews and more information about these and upcoming Canterbury Downtown gatherings.

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