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May 10, 2012



What a year!

 10 months ago, Chad and I arrived in NYC, faithfully answering an invitation and call to ministry in this exciting new city, not at all sure what all God had in store for us, but thrilled to be in it together with you.  Much like arriving for your freshman year of college, this was my freshman year as chaplain for Canterbury Downtown.

Since that time I have been thrilled to meet amazing people not only from around the Village, aroundManhattan, around the Diocese of New York and from around the world!  Worshipping with and getting to know returning students, being a voice of welcome to new and seeking students, being a voice of ambassadorship for this ministry around the Diocese, and seeing this ministry grow from a handful of dedicated choral scholars to a real community, engaging with one another at meals and in the world has been an incredible experience.

I am thankful for the affirmation of discernment done well and done right that allowed me to come here, and the fruitfulness and value of the community that I found and have the honor to serve.

As with all campus communities we have our share of departing graduates and will have our work of welcoming incoming students who find their way to Canterbury Downtown over the summer and in the fall.

Anyone looking to find the chaplain over the summer will find me regularly attending or being a part of the 6 p.m. Sunday service at Grace Episcopal Church (10th Street and Broadway), and at a variety of places on Sunday mornings.  I’ll also be findable online, by phone and for a cup of iced coffee or iced tea.  Those of you who will be off in the world for the summer or studying abroad next semester, keep us posted and in your prayers and we will do the same for you. Until it’s time for a summer update, happy finals, safe travels, and many blessings on the journey. -MCY

 Canterbury Downtown Chaplain Mary Cat Young + 917-838-9938 +


Canterbury community dinners have been a popular gathering point this year!

Many thanks to our faithful kitchen volunteers, students and church members who have supported our weekly meal, and our ministry to the men’s shelter through set-up, clean-up, cooking and delivery.
Special thanks to Kyle DeBlasio of St. John’s in the Village, student Nicol Hammond and Mrs. Liz Hill of the Church of the Ascension for going above and beyond in hospitality and volunteerism in this important work.

How can you and your community be a part of providing this ministry to students?  Mary Cat is working on the schedule for fall, and a few meals over the summer!  Be a part of a team, or jump in for a Sunday or two each semester! Contact the Chaplain for more details!


A Ceremony of Transition, Thankfulness, and Reflection for NYU Graduating Students: Sunday May 13th, 4:00 p.m. (Doors open at 3:45) NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life,238 Thompson Street, Grand Hall

As part of the series of events that mark the end of the academic year and the graduation of our students, the NYU Chaplain’s Circle invites graduating students and their families to a Ceremony of Transition, Thankfulness, and Reflection – an opportunity to meditate on the achievements of our graduates and their transition to a life beyond the University community. Please RSVP here.

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